About Us

Bacteria is all around us, on the things we touch, eat, and smell. It’s even all over our bodies, all the time. So why do so many of us forget about it as soon as we finish science classes at school?

Hi, my name is Jennifer Dawkins and I am a self-proclaimed science nerd. I love learning about all types of weird and wonderful things in the world of science, but my favorite as of late has been learning about bacteria and its different strains. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by science. Every holiday I would ask for the newest science kit, and spend weeks learning with it. 

As I grew older, there was nothing else that could compare to my love of science. I have studied it professionally for over a decade and now run a research facility in Texas! But still, with my spare time, I always come back to learning about bacteria. 

Did you know that bacteria has been on earth for more than 3.5 billion years? That makes bacteria literally the oldest known life-form on this planet! 

If you liked that fact, I have plenty more to wow you with. That is why I have created my very own website! So, stick around and learn some new facts about bacteria from me!